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Powerful, Solid, Proven 4G VoLTE with MiMo Technology for Wireless Elevator and Emergency Phone Communications.

Rescue GSM launches the 2004G LTE-SMS with smart battery pack and SMS power trouble notifications.

Also known as a wireless or cellular elevator and emergency phone adapter, the 2004G LTE-SMS gateway is a retrofit for an Analog/POTS phone line replacement. Rescue GSM works with elevators, emergency phones, Area of Refuge, 2-Way communications, bridges, pole phones, tower phones, school phones, blue light phones, campus phones, parking phones, trail phones, transit phones, industrial phones, call boxes, first aid stations, emergency stop phones, muster point phones and weatherproof phones. Rescue GSM can save facility owners thousands of dollars per year in phone company fees and will fill the void when POTS/Analog phone lines are fully dismantled.